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But I felt that a more and systematised account of all the important Yogas should be brought out so that, illustrated by a number of practical horos- copes, the work may stand as a foundation upon which future research may be developed. Numerous examples especially IX designed to illustrate points arising in the eluci- dation of the yogas have been inserted and as these are worked out fully, readers should have no difficulty in following the principles clearly.

Points of a controversial nature have not been shelved or glossed over. They have been ap- proached from the point of view of their practical applicability. All planetary combinations may be divided into two broad groups, viz. Though by the word Yoga is meant a combination, in practice Yoga is always considered to imply a fortunate combination. Arishtas generally deal with misfortunes though it is also included in the generic term Yoga. The Yogas may be Raja Yogas political power , Dhana Yogas combina- tions for wealth , Gnana Yogas combinations for real higher knowledge and spirituality.

The subject of interpretation of Yogas is briefly dealt with in the first few pages of the first part herewith presented. This branch is to be specially studied by the student of astrology inasmuch as it enables him to evalute the exact implication of a particular Yoga. Special Yogas, including what are called Nabhasa Yogas have been dealt with then with suitable illustrations wherever necessary.

The difficulty arising when two or more Yogas coincide such as would be the case in respect of say Asraya and Akriti Yogas - see page have been suitably clarified with proper explanations. The first part also deals with some of the important Dhana Yogas which include combinations for poverty also. X In a way, the second part is more important, for it deals with such outstanding combinations as Raja Yogas, Arishta Yogas and Neecha Bhanga Raja Yogas about which, of late so much fuss is being made by a section of astrological students.

The last pages give a summary of the entire sub- ject matter. The example horoscope, with which the book is closed, should be of particular interest to readers, for it shows how, in the face of many Yogas existing in a particular case, only a few can operate. It also demonstrates that in respect of certain Yogas, the indications become effective throughout life while in regard to certain other Yogas, the results can happen only during specific periods and not always.

For such a work as this which largely rests upon the principles furnished by classical astro- logy no originality can be claimed. But I feel I can certainly claim credit for being the first to bring together all scattered information, present it systematically and prove its practical worth and utility. The truth of this becomes evident when it is remembered that the first part itself carries nearly 90 practical illustrations most of them being gathered from actual lives. I have as my readers, scholars, intellectuals, students and practitioners.

Therefore, to meet such different tastes and angles presents difficult problems of authorship, especially that a book dealing with the practical aspect of astrology should not merely aim at an uncritical exposition of the subject matter. The only way to gratify X! I am thankful to Mr. Venkataraman for his assistance in not only correcting the proofs but in making available suitable examples for illustrative purposes. It is hoped that the exposition of Yogas pre- sented in this book will stimulate readers to pursue the subject further.

Bangalore, 21st July B. Jkm Mutidr d important Combinations By B. Raman, m. Man wants to know something of everything connected with his career and the lives of those who are dear and near to him. These three hundred combinations include a large variety of his life transactions and a previous knowledge of these happenings will be of immense benefit to him so that he may not only take remedies to avert the evils indicated by the planets from time to time but also adjust his affairs where the remedies prove ineffectual.

Human life falls under two grand divisions — Yogas and Arishtas, or fortunes and misfortunes. Yogas include success in every line — health, per- sonality, success in politics, financial gains, good education, mental strength, bodily health, good wife, dutiful children, sympathetic friends and relations, righteous conduct and other sources of pleasure and enjoyment which generally go under the name of fortunes.

There- fore these three hundred combinations will be specially useful to astrological readers and students. I shall try and give the necessary expla- nations and notes where they are needed to make the meaning of the combinations clear. Yoga means combination but in common parlance yoga means a certain definite or special combination which adds strength to the horoscope or removes the vitality from it. If you go through standard books on astrology you will find that each ascendant has certain planets disposed towards it as yogakarakas.

In the treatment of special combinations in this book, we have nothing to do with such planets. Again the combination of trinal and a quadr- angular lords is supposed to give rise to Rajayoga. For example take the following horoscope. The disposition of the Moon and Jupi- ter in kendras or quad- rants has given rise to Gajakesari yoga.

The Moon and Jupiter who have generated this yo- ga are lords of the 6th and 11th and con- sequently they are not as beneficial as they would have been were they lords of the 4th and 9th. In other words, the evil due to ownership has modified to some extent the strength of Gaja- kesari. What is the method of interpreting a yoga and how and when do the results manifest or make themselves felt. Let us try to answer these important questions. Strength of a Yoga A yoga is formed by more than one planet.

The nature of a planet is of three types viz. According to the natural classification bene- fics are Jupiter, Venus, well associated Mercury and malefics are the, Sun Mars, Saturn, evil associated Mercury and waxing Moon. But in this book our reference to melefics and benefics unless otherwise stated are in the sense of malefic lords and benefic lords. Jupi- ter. The malefics are 1 the lords of the 3rd, 6th and 11th 2 Lords of kendras when they are natural benefi.

The lords of the 2nd and 12th may be termed as neutral because they give good or bad results according to their other conjunctions. The 8th lord is a malefic. The above can be classified thus: Be 71 efi. Lord of 1, Lords of 5 and 9 and Lords of 4, 7, 10 if they are natural malefics. Lords of 3, 6 and Lords of 4, 7, and 10 if they are natural benefics. Lords of 2, 8 and Of course the 8th lord is supposed to be evil unless he be the Sun or the Moon.

We shall avoid controversies and assume that the 8th lord is a neutral for the purpose of interpreting yogas. Here an observation has to be made. In the above list of benefics, malefics and neutrals we have completely omitted to take into account the influence due to a double lordship. Thus for Aquarius, Mars owning the 10th — a quadrant is good. In addition to the 10th he owns the 3rd also which is bad.

The nature of a lord is influenced on account of two factors, viz. The other lordship varies with regard to different ascendants. Thus when Pisces is Lagna, Mars owns the 2nd and 9th houses whereas he owns the 1 st and 8th when Aries is Lagna. We shall now discuss the nature of the dif- ferent planets. He is neutral as lord of 2, 12 and 8 which is possible for Cancer, Virgo, and Capricorn.

He is malefic as lord of 3, 6 and 11, which is possible for Gemini, Pisces and Libra. The Moon. Benefic as lord of 1,5 and 9 which is possible for Cancer, Pisces and Scorpio. Neutral as lord of 1, 2, 12 and 8 which is possible for Gemini, Leo and Sagittarius; and malefic as lord of 3, 6, 11, 4, 7 and 10 which is possible in regard to Taurus, Aquarius, Virgo, Aries, Capri- corn and Libra. He is benefic as lord of 1 and 8 Aries , 2 and 7 Libra , 2 and 9 Pisces , 3 and 10 Aquarius , 4 and 9 Cancer 5 and 10 Leo 5 and 12 Sagittarius and 7 and 12 Taurus.

Thus if you take Sagittarius he is benefic as lord of a trine 5 and neutral as lord of But his trinal lordship is so powerful as to overcome the 12th lordship so that he becomes a benefic. Mars is neutral as lord of 1 and 6 Scorpio and malefic as lord of 3 and 8 Kanya , 4 and 11 Capricorn and 6 and 11 Gemini Mercury. Benefic, as lord 2 and 5 Taurus , 9 and 6 Capricorn , and 9 and 12 Libra : Neutral as lord of 1 and 4 Gemini , 1 and 10 Kanya , and 5 and 8 Kumbha : Malefic as lord of 2 and 12 Cancer , 4 and 7 Pisces , 7 and 10 Dhanas and 8 and 1 1 Scorpio Jupiter.

Benefic as lord of 2 and 5 Scorpio , 9 and 12 Aries : neutral as lord of 1 and 4 Dhanas , 1 and 10 Pisces , and 5 and 8 Leo? Benefic as lord of 1 and 8 Libra , 2 and 9 Kanya , 4 and 9 Aquarius , 5 and 10 Capricorn , and 5 and 12 Gemini : neutral as lord of 1 and 6 Taurus , and malefic as lord of 2 and 7 Aries , 3 and 8 Pisces , 3 and 10 Leo , 4 and 11 Cancer , 6 and 11 Dhanas , and 7 and 12 Scorpio. With the aid of the above schedule the henc- fxc and malefic planets do not conluse this with the good and evil planets according to natural classification for any horoscope can be easily ascertained.

In this example ho- roscope Lagna is Kum- bha and the follow mg are the benches, neut- rals and inalehcs. Mercury Lord of 5 and 8. Malefics Moon Lord of 6 , Jupiter Lord of 2 and This consists in ascertaining the Saptavargaja bala wh'ch has also been fully described in my Graha and Bhava Balas and which I do not propose to discuss here. Sapta- varagja bala means the scrength a planet gets by virtue of its disposition in a friendly, neutral or inimical Rasi, Hora, Drekkana, Sapthamsa Navamsa, Dwadasamsa and thrimsamsa.

The answer is, always give preference to shadbala method. The next step is to ascertain what may be called the residential strength which reveals the percentage of results a planet is capable of giving by virtue of occupation of a house. This requires the determination of Bhavas house longitudes , Bhava sandhis junc- tional points and the lengths of Bhavas. All the processes involved for ascertaining these details are given in my Manual of Hindu Astrology. Thus we require the following details for purposes of interpreting yogas.

The good and evil lords in a horoscope. The inherent strengths of planets. The residential strengths of planets. A yoga is formed by at least two planets. Ascertain whether the planets forming a yoga are benefic lords or malefic lords. If benefic, they get one positive unit of strength ; if malefic assign a negative unit of strength.

Ascertain if the two planets causing the yoga are in association with or aspected by other benefic and malefic lords. Assign one positive unit for benefic aspect or association and a negative unit for the association or aspect of a malefic. See also if the yogakarakas are in exaltation or debilitation, in friendly or inimical houses and assign positive and negative units for the same.

Summarising : — positive units of strength are contributed thus : a If jmgakaraka is a benefic lord The above method of interpretation has been developed and applied by me, the germ of the method, having been taken from standard astrological works. I shall illustrate the above with a suitable example. Chart No. Gajakesar Yoga is formed in the above horoscope by th disposition of the Moon and Jupiter in mutua kendras, Yogakarakas. The Moon is a malefic lord Hence the Moon shoul fulfil the larger part of the yoga pertaining to th 4th house while Jupiter gives the results pertainin to the 10th house.

The method suggested above should be stud- ied and applied very carefully. It has been offered with a view to enabling the readers to make further investigations. By an extension of the same principle it will no doubt be possible to interpret any kind of yoga. The original writers say that the person born in this yoga will build villages and towns. A literal interpretation of the results leads one no where. They have to be adapted to suit modern conditions and climes. One born in this yoga may become a member of Municipality and engineer or if the yoga is really powerful, a mayor.

The results ascribed to a yoga arc subject to quali- fication or modification according as the yogakara- kas are strong or weak. There are magistrates from the village to the district with different powers. From a builder of a small shrine or choultry to the builder of a large and rich temple there is much difference. Combinations are given but the results of the same conjunction will vary with the strength of the planets, bhavas and the constellations.

I would give here two typical horoscopes illustra- tive of the different variations in Gajakesari. Chart No 3. Above are given two chart-,— illustrative of Gajakesan Yoga. Lagna is Scorpio, hence benefic lords are the Moon, the Sun and Jupiter. Malefics are Mercury and Venus. Neutrals are Mars and Saturn. Both the Moon and Jupiter are beneficially dis- posed and as Jupiter gets more units he will fulfil the larger part of the blessings of the yoga. The extent of the results depends upon the residential strength. Note the con- centration of 5 planets in the 2nd from the Moon causing a Sunapha Yoga.

The yoga is practically defunct because all the evil forces have been focussed on it. The Sun is in debility, with Kethu aspected by Saturn and Rahu. Compare this horoscope with Chart No. Venus is a yogakaraka and his having caused Sunapha has fortified the financial position of the native. Note that Sunapha has much influence on the financial prosperity or adversity of a person. V ; Long. In later life renunciation and austerity. The remarks made for Sunapha apply to this also with slight variation. Lagna Rahu at a.

The Anapha is caused by the presence of Jupiter and Saturn in the 12th from the Moon. Note also the fact that the 12th has reference to moksha so that the native would cultivate an outlook of detachment for wordly things in his later years. He will be blessed with much wealth and conveyances. This of course does not apply to strictly Parivraja Yogas. Many varieties of Surtapha, Anapha and Durdhura are formed by permuta- tions and combinations of the five planets and their results should be particularly noted.

If Mars is in the 2nd and Mercury is in the 12th a kind of Dhurdhura is formed. Similarly Mars in the 12th and Mercury in the 2nd gives rise to another kind and Jupiter in the 2nd and Mercury in the 12th gives rise to j-et another type though all these go under the name of Dhurdhura. Each conjunc- tion in these permutations produces different results.

To give a simple illustration take Mars in the 2nd in Capricorn where he is exalted and Jupiter in the 12th in Scorpio in a friendly sign. Now take Jupiter in the 2nd debilitated and Mars in the 12th in his own house. Would the results in both cases be the same? All these permuta- tions must be carefully analysed. There will be 31 varieties of Sunapha, and an equal number of Anapha combinations and there are something like varieties of Dhurdhura.

Suryanarain Rao. The Moon is exalted m Taurus, Saturn is m the 12th and Venus is in the hid. Saturn is Neecha hut there is Neechabhanga. Prom Chandra Saturn is a yogakaraka, The results of the yoga may find expression m a large measure m Sani Dasa particularly in Sukru Bhukthi. Varahamihira adds emphasis by saying that when persons born m royal families are subjected to such degradations much more of these unfoitunate results must be predicted than m the case of persons born m ordinary families.

Jupitei i Navvmvs Venus Sun Mars! The above is a typically Kemadiuma Yoga horoscope. One has to cater to the baser needs ol man, but when the Moon and Mats are well disposed, the earnings will be through other approved means. The yoga is saul to arise by the assoc ia- tions of Mars and the Moon but I feci that the yoga will also be formed if the Moon and Mais are m mutual aspect. Take the Moon in Taurus and Mars in Scorpio.

Take the Moon in Ounce r and Mars in Capricorn. The combination can be productive of good if it occurs in the 2nd, 9th, 10th or 11th house. Long, shivu 20s. Lagna j IRShu! But Varahamihira and that section of Astrologers do not seem to favour sue a classification. Bhattotpala, the erudite con J mentator of the writings of Varahamihira sugges the existence of Papadhi Yoga. If there is one planet in full strength in any one of these signs, that person becomes a leader. If there are two, he will be a minister and if there are three he will occupy a more eminent station in life.

If all the three benefics, devoid of strength, are in the three signs, above mentioned, then also Adhi Yoga will be present but the influence it exerts would indeed be feeble. Adhi Yoga may be considered as a Raja Yoga or almost its equivalent. The Adhi Yoga is fairly powerful in Chart No. Note also the presence of Gajakesari as Jupiter -s exalted in a kendra from the Moon. Thus Jupiter has given rise to two yogas. Kethu Moon Mars 1 1 1 Rasi K.

Here also the Adhi Yoga is fairly powerful, Venus and Jupiter occupying the 7th and 8th from the Moon. Evidently Venus is more powerful as, though he is Neecha he is exalted in Navamsa, while Jupiter is in an inimical house. The four angles in a horoscope are like the four falls of a building. The results should not be applied literally.

Planets in the 10th kendra are more powerful than those in the 7th ; those in the 7th are more powerful than in the 4th and those in the fourth are more powerful than those in the 1st though Lagna Kendra is an exception. In ascribing results to the Dasas, the usual considerations such as a planet being a benefic or malefic lord, etc. Chatussagara Yoga contributes considerable financial soundness and good name to the person irrespective of the fact whether or not one is a ruler.

Sun Venus Saturn Mars! Suryanarayana Rio. Note all the kendras are occupied. He was a man of great self-respect, held a decent position as a Dewan, a great yogee and knew well eight languages. The Vasu- mathi resulting from the Lagna seems to have more influence than the one formed with reference to the Moon. By implication it also means that two benefics will give less wealth while only one benefic will give ordinary wealth.

If the upa- chayas happen to be exaltation places, the yoga becomes extremely powerful while the reverse holds good in case the upachayas happen to be debilitation places. When counted from the Moon all the four upachayas cannot be occupied because there will be only three benefics left. The authorities are silent on the matter and they simply say that the upachayas should be occupied. In all such planetary combinations, one must be very careful in assessing the real strength of a yoga and if its results have already been comprehended by some ocher more powerful yogas. It will be seen that purely Vasumathi Yogas are a rare occurrence.

You will find very few examples in which benefics are in all the upachayas. In Chart No. A purely beneficial Vasumathi Yoga cannot occur in as much as, in very rare instances all the four upachayas can be occupied. However, the yoga seems to contribute Adrishta or luck in such a way that the person can command respect, dignity and regard.

One need not necessarily be a king to inherit all the virtues, for all kings are not virtuous. Personalities are strokes of luck which many will not have and which many covet. Chapter No. But owing to the association of the Moon with Saturn and the predominance of Saturnine in- fluence both on the Moon and the Lagna for the physical appearance, the blessings of this yoga have fully manifested otherwise.

He is afraid of being cheated, swindled and robbed. In all these cases, the person will not only have fears from cheats, rogues and thieves but he will also have huge material losses. The combi- nations pertaining to this Yoga are to be found in almost all horoscopes, so that we are all guilty of cheating and being cheated each other in some form or other.

It is a tragedy of our social life that a merchant minting millions at the cost of the poor is left scot-free while the poor, committing theft in the face of poverty and want, is booked by law. Cheating is practised in a wonderful variety of ways. Fertile brains find countless methods to cheat their associates. The merchants have various ways of cheating their clients.

The lawyer is equally successful.

The medical man commands many ways to defraud his patients. Gulika is considered as the son of Sani and his position is to be carefully fixed in the Zodiac. The Yoga given above refers to persons who will be the victims of fraud but the same combination can also be extended to apply to those who perpet- rate of the deeds.

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Lagna Moon Nava msa Rahu t! In this horoscope, you will see that lord of Lagna is Neecha and he is with Kethu aspected by Rahu. The Lagna is occupied by the Sun. The native is always afraid that he will be cheated and defrauded. Naturally he is nervous and extremely sensitive, miserly and very cautious.

He adopts towards others the same suspicious behaviour, that, he thinks others adopt towards him. This is a typical horoscope. He will be ordinary and insignificant. He will suffer from proverty, privation and misery. He will be stubborn and hated by relatives. The great Parasara and Varahamihira say that when all the planets are in the 1st and 7th, Sakata is caused.

On the contrary, the definition given above appears more reasonable inasmuch as the Yoga is generated by the Moon occupying the three Dustbanas from the greatest benefic Jupiter thus obstructing the free flow of fortune ; but it is also open to objection as will be seen from the following observations : — In the large number of horoscopes examined by me I have been able to mark that Sakata Yoga has' not really made the natives poor and wretched but often the degree of poverty and wretchedness has been nominal.

The periods of mis- fortune will accord with the times of transits in malefic rasis, viz. In other words, every time Moon transits the 6th, 8th and 12th from the radical Jupiter, the effects of Sakata are realised. According to the definition given above, Sakata is caused by the Moon being placed in the 6th or 8th or 12th from Jupiter. His character will be spotless and he will lead a prosperous life. Some benefic planet must occupy the 10th from Lagna or the Moon to cause Amala.

If no benefic is present, then Amala is not caused. But yet on the strength of the dictum i-pT I i!

Amala means pure and when the Yoga is present, prosperity and affluence will be achieved through fair means while a malefic , whilst giving wealth may make the means question- able. After all, the end justifies the means accord- ing to some and therefore, Amala makes one scrupulous as to the means he employs for earning while a malefic in the 10th while no doubt good in its own way, as causing wealth to come, would not make one famous or a man of character.

Lagna Jupiter Rafou Navamsa - - Mer. Eahu i Mars : — — Lagna 1 1 Venus i Moon! Rahu Mer. Amala is prominently marked by the presence of Venus in the 10th from Lagna and Jupiter in the 10th from the Moon. Venus as karaka of Amalayoga proved very beneficial to the native. This combination goes under the name of Parvata Yoga. He will be passionate also. Thus, three sets of combi- nations are comprehended — i a Benefics should be in Kendras, and 6th and 8th must be free.

Strangely enough, for Kumbha Lagna, the definition mentioned in item c supra cannot hold good in asmuch as the lord of the 12th and the Lagna happen to be Saturn. Instead of the 6th and 8th being occupied by benefics, it is better they are entirely free, in which case, the native will be free from the machina- tions of enemies and debts. Its presence, no doubt, adds to making the person an entity within a limited circle. The Yoga does not seem to contribute much to political power. One may become a District Board member or a Municipal Commissioner.

But it seems to have capacity enough to add financial stability. An appropriate and intelli- gent interpretation o; K. Kahala Yoga is also caused when the 4th lord is exalted or in his own house being conjoined ith or aspected by the lord or the iGih. Both the definitions of Kahala Yoga mentioned above assume the strength of Lagna, the 4th and 9th. He is in a Kendra and the Lord of lagna is in the 4th fairly strongly disposed.

But Jupiter aspecting lord of lagna takes away much of the evil aspect of the Yoga. If malefics occupy the second from the Sun, papavesi is caused while subhavesi is given rise to by the presence of benefic planets. The degree of the yoga to do good or bad depends to a large extent upon the Sun and the planets causing the Yoga. The results given above are for Subhavesi yoga. Obviously quite the reverse holds good in case of papavesi. Obviously, if more than one planet causes the Yoga, one of the planets being a malefic, say Saturn, the good influences have to be sufficiently moderated.

Thus it will be seen that proper interpretation of a Yoga is not a joke. It demands on the part of the astrologer great analytical powers and a thorough acquaintance with the technicalities of the subject. Out of the Yogakarakas, Mars is the least powerful inasmuch as he is removed from the Sun by nearly 29 degrees while Mercury and Venus alone can function as Yogakarakas.

If malefics are present in the 12th, the results will be quite the reverse. The explanations given for the previous Yoga apply to this as well as to the next Yoga. He will have well proportioned limbs, will take delight in everything, will be liked by all, wealthy and famous. Obviously, these Solar Yogas cannot be compared in their eminence to Raja- yogas.

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Some- times the Solar Yogas may be merged into other more important Dhana or Raja Yogas with the result their interpretation is always subject to a closer analysis of the more powerful combinations obtaining in the horoscope. He will possess a handsome body; he will be liked by others he will be righteous in disposition and pure in mind. Varahamihira has extolled these five combinations in his Brihat Samhita.

Hamsa Yoga is caused if J upiter is in a Kendra which should be identical with his own sign Swakshetra or the sign in which he gets exalted.

BV Raman 300 Important Yogas

In other words, Hamsa Yoga is possible in respect of all common and the movable signs Aries, Libra and Capricorn. The assumption here is that Lagna is also a Kendra or Quadrant. The strength of the Yoga is dependent as usual on the strength of Lagna and J upiter and in which Kendra he is disposed. Obviously, the tenth Kendra is the most powerful. The ownership of Kendra by Jupiter is not desirable but when Hamsa Yoga is present, the general principle loses its significance. Hamsa Yoga should be very carefully interpreted, as it is supposed to produce a man of sterling character and immense moral fibre.

Jupiter Sun Mer.

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But still the native is neither a King nor a high personality. The reason is obvious. But still Jupiter is capable of giving rise to the results of Hamsa Yoga to a good extent in his Dasa. The native has a good personality, good-tempered and liked by his associates. Venus Met. Hamsa Yoga has resulted on account of the disposition of Guru in his own sign in 10th from Lagna. The 10th is the most powerful Kendra and Jupiter is in conjunction with lords of Lagna, 5th and 9th and hence fortified. He was a well-known figure in Indian Politics and Journalism, self-made and earned good reputation for his sober and balanced views.

Rahu un Saturn Venus Navamsa. Here is a typical example of Hamsa Yoga in its full swing. The Lagna is Thula and Jupiter is in a Kendra in exaltation in the 10th house. Naturally, the Yoga has manifested in regard to the 10th house. No wonder the horoscope belongs to a great King of our age.

Con- sequently he is to-day the head of the greatest imperial possession, an anachronism with modern concepts of democracy and freedom. Malavya Yoga cannot occur with reference to every sign of the Zodiac. Consistent with the nature of Venus, Malavya Yoga will make one resolute, immensely rich and give him happiness from wife and children and fame and name.

Venus is the indicator of conveyances, sensual pleasures, music, dancing, fine arts, luxury and material comforts. Naturally Malavj'a Yoga renders one inclined towards all the indications of Venus, with the result his spiritual advance- ment and outlook will be in inverse ratio to his material comforts and pleasures.

In other words, while both Hamsa and Malavya are Raja Yogas, the former makes one more idealistic, spiritual, broad-minded and selfless while the latter indi- cates love of pleasure, and a predominantly materialistic outlook of life. Malavya Yoga can manifest in reference to the various Bhavas as given hereunder for persons born in different Lagnas. Seventh house. Tenth house. Fourth house. It may be noted that all these five Yogas going under the special distinction of Panchamaha Yogas, can occur unblemished only in exceptional cases and with regard to the generality of horoscopes, these Yogas will not be of much political value.

His character will be questionable.

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He should be exalted in a Kendra or occupy a Kendra being his own house. Birth in movable or fixed signs can give rise to Sasa Yoga by a certain disposition of Saturn. Naturally, common signs are exempted. Saturn is cruel, mean, undignified and sinful and consistent with these characteris- tics, the results of Sasa Yoga should be depicted. As the name itself implies, with the effects of this yoga, the native is blessed with a luxurious life, happy family, health, wealth and all other comforts of life.

Ruchaka Yoga: When Mars occupies his own place, the native will enjoy the effects of Ruchaka Yoga and he will be blessed with wealth, fame and victory. In this case the native will be blessed with wisdom and intellect. Blessed with this effect, the native will enjoy great prominence in society, admiration and a commandeering position. He will also possess a beautiful body and a charitable mind. Bhadra Yoga: With Mercury placed in his own house, the effect of Bhadra Yoga is produced and in this case the native will enjoy long life, keen intellect, wealth and prominence in society. He will be a good speaker in assemblies too.

Here, the native is blessed with wealth, enormous property, posh vehicles, large family and keen intellect. Vallaki Yoga: All the seven planets occupying one house each, produces the Vallaki Yoga where the native will be very talented in music, dancing and fine arts. The native will be blessed with great wealth and all comforts in life.

But he will be a person of easy virtue. Dhama Yoga: When all the seven planets occupy signs consecutively from the Lagna, the effects of Dhama Yoga of produced. The native will be a very philanthropic minded person. Chamara Yoga: When a beneficial planet occupies lagna, the Charma Yoga is created. This is a highly desirable Yoga. The native will be blessed with great wealth, fame and long life. Chakata Yoga: When the moon is placed in the sixth, eighth or twelfth house form the Jupiter, Chakata Yoga is produced where the native will experience misfortunes and various disappointments in life.

What does those Yogas in your Horoscope Mean? Mar 17, 1. Messages: 7, Likes Received: Trophy Points: Dear Friends, Lets ride down to know what are the actual meanings of the yogas that is defined in our horoscope. In my last seven years of rigorous practice in this field, I have observed these definitions have rarely failed. What a remarkable field is Astrology.

Practising Astrology is like being a Doctor. You can never say you have mastered the subject as there is lot of in depth learning in the subject. Great care must be exercised while interpreting Yogas. The clauses for N R Y are: The depositor of the debilitated planet must be angular, either to the Ascendant or to the Lunar Ascendant or the exaltation dispositer should be angular, either to the Ascendant or the Lunar Ascendant.

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