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Dhruva, Vyaghata, Harshana, Vajra, Siddhi, 17 Vyatipata, Variyan, Parigha, Siddha, Sadhya, Shubha, Shukla, Brahma, Indra, Fag ends of the three Lagnas are malefics i. And ending half ghatika of are Lagnas Gandanthas are avoided in election.

One ghatika or 24 minutes on either side of the local Noon is called the Abhijit Muhurtha before or after Noon. It is best to have it as a Lagna when proper Muhurtha is not attempted or is not available or can not be waited for, it is good to start the work at this time. The 28 Asterisms including Abhijit are grouped into seven categories.

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These are good for travel, dance, singing, wearing new clothes, make-up, attending beautyparlours, fine arts; acting and trading etc. Bhadrapad These five are ugra or violent Nakshatras.

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These are recommended for administering poison, igniting fires, killings with weapon, surgical operations, invasion or such other violent actions and are avoided for auspicious elections. These are good for fire works such as starting kiln fires, boiler, welding, melting of metals, gas work, fabrications, mouldings, furnaces and electrolysis etc.

They are avoided in auspicious elections. These four are dhruva Nakshatras. Work of fixed or immovable nature are done-during these, such as house-building, foundation laying, agriculture, horticulture, starting services- etc.

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These are good for all auspicious elections such as travel, dancing or singing, ceremonies, rituals, sixteen sanskars, occupation or business start, service etc. These are recommended for movable type of works such as travel, scooter, car, vehicle purchase and starting, machinery starting, factory, dance, singing and such other works in which motion is profitable or which can be completed within a small spell of time.

During these Tantrik acts, Maran, Uchchaatan, Sorecery, Black Magic, Ugra-Siddhis, Ghosts and Evil Spirits, Vaital, Shamshan-Siddhi or all other such works which are violent in nature but the media of violence is confined to malefide intentions, thoughts, hypnotic suggestion, excluding physical force. Tags Articles. Writen by Dr. Shanker Adawal for.. Email This BlogThis!

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Some Glimpses of Muhuratas and Yogas

Shukla: Bright focus- talkative and unreliable, annoyed and thoughtless; tottering and changeable mind Brahma: Responsible- truthful and stable, ambitious, good perspicacity and judgment. Indra: Headship- curiosity in training and knowledge; obliging, well off.

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  • Vaidhriti: Divisive- dangerous, conniving nature; influential and irresistible mentally or physically. As one can see, the result of Yogas are in accordance to the name given to them. Vaidhriti and Vyatipaat Yogas are to be avoided in all auspicious acts.

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    Out of remaining Yogas, first three Ghatis of Vajra and Vishkumbha, first half of Parigh, first five ghatis of Shool, first nine ghatis of Vyaghat, and first nine ghatis of Gand and Atigand are to be discarded for all the auspicious acts. A Ghati is ancient time measurement, equivalent to modern 24 Minutes.

    Want to speak to someone? Just call! Please feel free to share your views and feelings. Regular Price: Rs 1, All All Products. These are 27 in number, starting from Viskumbha to Vaidhriti, each governed by a different. As per vedic definition Sasa Yoga give the. Unlike Nakshatra, yoga is just measurement of time of distance only.

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    Rashi: Vaidhriti. Dasa Dasha : A major planetary period delineated in Vedic astrology. When Venus, Moon and Saturn are in 7th house marriage can be delayed.