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So far the trend I am noticing is that Yin ascendants tend to have round features, Yang ascendants tend to have sharp features. Virgo breaks this trend. As does Scorpio fine features.

Sag rising is a bit rounder Jovial. Capricorn breaks it bony First Name.

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    Self Improvement. Subscribe to Our Blog Subscribe. A friend of mine from backhome has joined eyebrows eyebrows that are prominantley joined together so they look like one or in other words eyebrows that dont seem seperated.

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    This is quite a common feature amongst Iranians and Pakistanians and Turks. However recently an elderly woman commented that people with mono-brows meant that they have a highly selfish and envious nature. This upset her very much and one cannot blame her. Has anyone heard of this before. By the way this was not the first time someone had mentioned this as in the past she has been told this before!

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    I think i heard once that ppl with mono-brow are arrogant or bad tempered She should laugh it off, its so silly and just old wives tales. Theyre kind of intriguing on a woman because you see it so rarely i do any way , so its kind of cool when women with mono-brows dont pluck, it shows a kind of confidence that can be very attractive.

    AAH, i was gonna include it, but the dodgy kebab was with her sister not friend if i remember correctly. You have one exciting life mahdiyah.

    What Your Brow Shape Says About Your Personality

    Unibrows or monobrows what ever they are called can be practical as a sweat mop Not everyone can grow them so they are also very special I knew someone who passed away who had a really conspicuous monobrow and my Mom tells me this: he was the most well-behaved kid she'd seen. He'd wash his own clothes, iron them himself, wash his own dishes some thing you rarely see in kids these days and never trouble anyone for anything at all. That being said, it's a superstition.

    Eyebrows Reveal Secrets about Love Partner Personality आईब्रोज़ से जानें पार्टनर के गहरे राज

    Arabs knock on wood to ward off envy lol plus, it's ridiculous to say that everyone with a unibrow is narcistic because that means when they get their eyebrows done then they must completely change their personality. You are posting as a guest.