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Energetic Mars also moves through courageous Leo this week, influencing us to be graceful in our actions. Be wary while the action planet moves through Leo, and exercise your sense of humility. A need for connection arrives on Sunday morning when the Moon waxes in Libra at a. Monday feels surprisingly social as we catch up with co-workers from a weekend well spent. Nurture your relationships until a. EST on Tuesday, when the Moon goes void-of-course.

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Our strategic minds sharpen as the Moon enters Scorpio at a. EST on Tuesday. Monitor your reactions to others while the Moon waxes until a. EST on Thursday. The world feels a little brighter on Wednesday when the Sun trines fortunate Jupiter. Fight the urge to sit back and relax — this lucky day is a beautiful time to gain traction on your goals. Figure out your next steps while these two heavenly bodies work together. Switch to the mobile version of this page. Detroit Metro Times.

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    Best of Detroit. City Guide. The trick is you need to coordinate your needs with the needs of others. Make their goals your goals or vice versa. Meanwhile, physical activity, especially with athletics, will really turn you on and give you a sense of personal gratification. And yes, secret love affairs are percolating on the back burner. Status and the respect of your peers and your community matter to you. Right now, the Sun and Mars are at the top of your chart, indicating this is a time of strong expression of your ego.

    You want to achieve and you will work hard to get something done. You want to be able to do your thing. You want to be your own boss. This might put you in conflict with parents, bosses or the government. Ya think? Be careful because you don't want to lose the progress you have already made.

    Don't create enemies. Think of what your long-term objective is. Fortunately, Venus is in a wonderful position to help you with friends and groups. Venus will help you compromise without feeling that you are losing something personally. Friendships, independence and a desire to make the world a better place are important to you. However, when you identify your ego with your ideas, you believe that you are that idea, which is why you will defend in all costs.

    Instead, look for experiences that open up new dimensions of reality and quit wasting time defending your ideas. Expand and enlarge your present beliefs through travel or learning. Meanwhile, romance with someone older or in a position of power might blossom. Verrrry interesting.

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    Right now, the Sun and Mars are in the part of your chart that affects your passion, your wealth as it relates to others, and the values that you share with others. Possibly, your values are at odds or you might disagree with someone about the management of jointly held resources? Ego conflicts might foul up negotiations. All of this is passionate and intense, speaking of which, sex will be passionate! At this time, something is fading away to create room for something new to begin. Meanwhile, travel for pleasure and an opportunity to learn something new as well as engage perhaps romantically with someone who is "different" are at hand for you.

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    Your Daily Horoscope, delivered to you each day Georgia's Daily Hit! All Signs "Lights! Aries March April 19 In the next few weeks, you're ready to put your cards on the table, especially with a close friend or partner. Taurus April May 20 You're gung ho to work hard and get things done because you have lots of energy! Gemini May June 20 This week you want to be playful in a sportive way.

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