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How significantly the primal triad impacts a chart depends on how the Sun, Moon, and ascendant are aspected to each other and to the other planets and positions in the natal chart, and what planets happen to be making a transit to them at any given time. Symbolized by a scale, Libras care about fairness and justice, easily seeing both sides and playing the mediator. This happy go lucky sign is the 7th sign of the zodiac and occurs after Virgo before Scorpio. People born from September 23 to October 22 are Libras. Libras are an air sign so they love to talk, maybe a bit scatterbrained and tend to be creative thinkers.

Libras are known to walk to the beat of their own drum and often become musicians, consultants, salespeople or performing artists because of their outgoing nature. The final round of Mercury madness AKA Mercury retrograde for is knocking at the door, and the retrograde officially kicks off October 31, lasting until November Of all the astrology signs, the Fire sign of Aries is the most hotheaded.

Rosa Yup! That's me too! I've been told I'm sort of a bully Maria My sister is Leo snake. Why saying things on us that is negative. Getting all the business of my older sister. My older sister had just met a foreign investor and now they are business partner. But opportunately my older sister ask for a kind help to assist her for helping his business partner for going to a psysiologist of my older sister. Then suddenly when sister went up to talk to her business partner. My sister is on the top of the man and teasing and seducing the man.

Kissing cuddling and touching around. Now we had some issues to tackle because she wanted a part of the business and she will be the one who will get who will work in the business. Kindly help what will be done. Me as a sister I step back.

But to my family. She ruin our reputation to the man. Saying things bad on us. Creating rumors that so hurtful.

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Samatha This has nothing to do with being a leo snake. While leo snakes can be passionate, and ambitious, hurting family members or friends with such action is an individual case by case issue. Poor family values, putting each other down is bound to create rifts, jealousies, and betrayals not matter what the sign. Work on healing your relationships.

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TS I'm not a big beliver in astrology but I have to say that this is very very good. Mary Well, I know my brother and I, as a Capricorn ox me and an Aries snake him get along very well Cancer and Leo perhaps a little less so, but they share some traits, and if you both want to make it work, go for it! Aries and Capricorn, for the record, are often supposed to disagree. Manda Amazing so right.


Lola Completely correct. Angelica Completely Nailed ;-. Angelica Completely Nailed. Anna Somewhat , i wouldvsay! Xredan true.

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